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We've lived in the same house for almost 20 years. I love that. We've put down roots. It's a good little house. But, it desperately needs some tender loving care. We've done some fantastic things that have made me fall in love with my house once again like gorgeous deep dark walnut wood flooring in the living room, hall, and master bedroom. We've tiled the kitchen and front entrance. 

I have a long list of things I'd like to see happen giving our home a fresh look and those things that can withstand times. Of course, things like a high end roof treatment and the good-stuff siding. Jeff recently built front steps, wider, the length of the stoop, and shorter for my weakened legs that have trouble on stairs. He's also, currently, doing the preparations for a new front porch. Cannot wait!

Something little that makes a powerful punch was changing the drab, sun-faded, bleached sea blue door with bright, shiny Sherwinn-Williams Teal Endeavor outdoor paint. Definitely makes a statement. We have new outdoor lighting for next to the front door, for the garage door, and for next to the garage side door. We will be ordering new door hardware also. It's gonna' look awesome.

But, until all of it gets completed it still looks really good!