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what I'm lovin' these days

welcome fall.


I ache for the oppressive Savannah heat and humidity to fade into cool, clean, crisp days when the leaves begin to see a touch of rich warm vibrant colors and the skies clear of the summer filth and haze becoming brilliant blue once again.


And, I can breathe again.

There is nothing like a dutch oven filled to the brim of bubbly hot and fragrant tomato basil soup with specialty gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to welcome fall.

This glorious meal is on the menu this week.


I can't wait to smell the tomatoes and garlic drizzled with olive oil, kosher salt, and freshly ground black pepper roasting in the oven; see the plump tomatoes bubbling in the steaming pot of chicken stock; and pick the fresh basil and rosemary from the window garden giving the herbs a brisk chop thereby releasing their rustic, sweet aromatic smell, then adding them to the brimming pot where the flavors will mingle and marinade. 


It is mouth-watering goodness.

The best finisher to this gourmet soup is grated Pecorino Romano cheese. My boys would say a few toasted crunchy croutons but, me, I like to finish this soup with the deep nutty flavors of Romano cheese.


But, the culminating meal-finisher-extraordinaire is the crusty grilled cheese sandwiches where the 'crusty' equals rich sweet creamy butter, shredded Parmesan cheese, and lots of finely chopped garlic pressed together and lathered on thick sourdough bread slices. The glorious sandwiches are then filled with sweet smokey delicatessen ham and spicy chipotle cheese and a layer of flavor-bursting Roma tomatoes sprinkled with Italian seasonings.  



Can't wait.

Welcome fall. You've been a long time coming.


 Deeply entrenched into the Word of God as I continue an in-depth study of 1 & 2 Peter with a small group of ladies, I felt the urge for even more. Not wanting to miss any Bible study Beth Moore has to offer, because she takes me to the brink and sends me careening over into the far-reaches of the Word of God, I downloaded her brand new video series, Entrusted and ordered the companion study book. I will dwell in 2 Timothy. I cried when I read the introduction to the study.


Where will this study take me?

And there's more.


Just as summer moves into glorious fall I must move into a season of speak-able gratitude. Laying on my heart, pressing in hard, is the unmistakable desire to acknowledge the One who gives it all.

Every. Single. Gift.

Beginning in October, and for as long as necessary, I am going to record one-thousand gifts God has blessed me with. Inspired by the words penned by Ann Voskamp, A Holy Experience and One Thousand Gifts, I, too, will pen one-thousand gifts.

I want to see Him move.

I want to know He is God.

I want to hear a fresh sound from Heaven.

I want to feel the very Presence of God.

I want to be changed.

Welcome fall. It's a brand new season.