welcome fall.
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what I'm lovin' these days


These Royal Doulton Pacific Mug Set of 6. I bought them specifically for our small group to use. They are so pretty and so me. I love indigo and cobalt blues with white. I use them everyday (even though I'm acquiring mugs from travels and mugs that I just love).

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Bath and Body Works Room Sprays. When I was visiting Ashley she was using these room sprays and I fell hard for their smells. Just yummy and delightful. Perfect for the coming fall season. She gave me three of them (they made it through airport scanners - yeah!!) and I'm already using them here at the house. Inviting!


Living Proof 5 in 1 Styling Treatment. Again, while visiting Ashley I borrowed her shampoo and conditioner, blow dryer, and something to style my hair with. She handed me living proof I'd like my hair even though it is longer than I usually like. This is amazing! My hair is silky smooth and holds the style in place all day long. Love it! 


Out of Print Banned Books Tote Bag. This is my go-to library bag now and I love it. It's stylish and roomy enough for at least 5 good-sized books (and even cookbooks which are normally bigger). It makes going to the library so much more fun!


A newly painted Teal Endeavor front door. Oh, yes! Yes! I get a happy face every time I pull up the drive and endeavor towards this beautiful brilliant teal door. Love this so much.