Friday, with a cup of coffee | 11
Friday, with a cup of coffee

currently | October 2016


putting my CURRENTS onto 6 x 12 pages and including them into our Stories 2016 album

enrolling in two classes with Ali Edwards: Storytelling with December Daily and Hybrid.

considering heavily a hand-lettering design course too.

reading some but not much; really need to get back into my reading frenzy. It makes me happy.

planning several scrapbooking projects over these last months of the year: December Daily (my partial album here; which I still need to finish) in December 2016 and a 30 Days of Thankful 2016 album in November (something similar to this); and really needing to finish a couple others.

watching CASTLE on DVD and Sherlock on NETFLIX; Blacklist will be next.

studying the book of 2 Peter, chapter by chapter and verse by verse - on my own. Because, I stopped going to class. I didn't feel comfortable. I like the class teacher as a person but not as a teacher. Her teaching is consuming the class time leaving no time for interaction. 

recuperating after Hurricane Matthew mowed down our city.

having and knowing tremendous respect for my husband with the servant heart and a work ethic that never runs dry.

making lists for Christmas - yes, already!

swimming needs to happen. I keep saying that, don't I. Yet, each Monday and Wednesday passes without a drop in the pool. I'm gonna' do it this coming week!!!!

savoring the almost fall temperatures after the storm, sleeping with the windows opened, my hurricane fan blasting, and snuggled under a blanket, albeit thin blanket.

hoping to actually create a Christmas card this year. Simple, clean design. This one is in the running. Or this. Maybe this one. And then there is this one. Simple, elegant.