2016 Reading Challenge | Read a book I should have read in school


I figured out a long time ago, when my first child left our city and moved away, when it looked like they would not be 'home', meaning our home, for along time, maybe to live, never again here, near me. It's the way of military life. My daughter Ashley married military and my daughter Elizabeth is in the military. I did the same thing to my parents when I joined the military all those years ago and stayed in the military for 20 years, never again to live there again. Elizabeth was in Alaska. Seriously, far away. She's 10 hours away now. Doable, but still long. I've missed so much of my grandchildren's lives so when I get photos I can't help but make pages - memory keeping - even though technically they're not my memories - but I feel like I'm sharing in them when I make pages.

So here is a page of Noah, number 4 of 5 grandchildren. This gorgeous hunk muffin is a little over a year old.

And, I miss him.

That's all.

Just miss him.

Digital notes: Paper, brushes, wordart are Ali Edwards Design and One Little Bird Designs.