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Prayers for my husband from his head to his feet | Day 24


I can say without a doubt writing down these prayers for my husband and praying these prayers has significantly changed me. There is nothing quite like praying scripture for my husband to the Lord. These prayers may not be target specific - yet they are covering my husband from his head to his feet. Find the entire collection of days of Prayers for my husband here.

Prayers for his joy

Heavenly Father, I pray my husband considers trials as a time of testing of his faith and that he considers this pure joy and let this joy that is the Lord’s be his strength. I pray his faith tested will produce perseverance that finishes its work in my husband that he will become mature and complete, not lacking anything (James 1:2-4; Nehemiah 8:10).

I pray Father that my husband would find consolation and joy in You - even during unrelenting pain, whether the pain he endures is physical, emotional, or spiritual; that he does not deny the words of his Holy God (Job 6:10) so that he will have this joy. Even when he cannot see You, and the work of Your hands, I pray he still believes in you and that he knows you love him; fill him with an inexpressible and glorious joy (1 Peter 1:8).

Your law is perfect O Lord, refresh my husband’s soul. Your statues are trustworthy, make my husband wise. Your precepts are right, give joy to my husband’s heart. Your commands are radiant, give light to his eyes.  The fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever. Your decrees are firm, and all of them are righteous (Psalm 19:7-9).

Hear Lord, and be merciful to my husband when he cries for help; when work overwhelms him, when our home has strife, when he faces uncertainty and fears. Hear his cries Lord and turn his wailing into dancing. Remove his sackcloth, that which is causing him pain, and, instead, clothe him with joy. Let his heart sing your praises and not be silent, Lord God that he will praise you forever (Psalm 30:10-11).

Your word says that light shines on the righteous and joy on the upright in heart (Psalm 97:11); therefore, bring his heart and his thoughts and his actions around to uprightness and righteousness. Make it the joy of his heart (Psalm 119:111) for You find no greater joy than to hear that my husband is walking in the truth (3 John 1:2).

And Lord, I pray my husband be a source of refreshment into the hearts of believers and that his love for others will be a great joy and encouragement (Philemon 1:7).  As you are able Lord, keep my husband from stumbling, keep him without fault, and keep him with great joy until he is presented into Your glorious presence (Jude 1:24).