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tickling my fancy is this fall weather that has pretty much hunkered in for a season. I adore fall. Sure, I love the frigid winter temperatures but - fall...the colors - gorgeous. The cooler, non-oppressive temperatures - sublime. The crisp, drier air - breathable. 

deciding what to buy myself for my birthday: this lamp for my bedroom; this cookbook (because I loved watching her show on Food Network when I watched Food Network; I love her minimalist, laid-back, gentle approach to her food and her show); a pair of Tieks in matte black, size 8.5; or maybe these stacking rings, one for each grandchild - would so love these; I love this 'S' mug.

washing my hands with Mrs. Meyer's Orange Clove hand soap and soaking in every minute of the silky smooth feel and warm cozy smell. Definitely, a new favorite. So much so that I ordered the dish soap and kitchen cleaner plus more soap to stock up.

reading a lot! I'll be sharing all the books I've been reading in my November edition of What I've Been Reading Lately on the 15th of November, but let's just say I think this is my most read month to date. So far, I've read 8 books (from 15 October to 15 November) and I still have 10 days of reading time.

watching CASTLE still! We rarely get the opportunity to sit and watch an episode so we are still on Season 7. I promised Jeff I wouldn't watch them without him and we're just busy! When I get an opportunity I've been fast forwarding through Stargate SG-1 - again. Really, I skip episodes I don't like, like skimming a well-read book.

making a couple homemade Christmas gifts. I'm pretty stoked about these brilliant, but super easy gifts. Speaking of Christmas - and making - I'm making Christmas lists. I wonder what will go on the list:)

participating in a couple on line classes with Ali Edwards, scrapbooking extraordinaire. I am in her Storytelling with December Daily and just finishing up a Hybrid class. Speaking of participating. Every year Ali Edwards does a scrapbooking project called December Daily. My plan is to participate in this project this year. I've done this in past years with varied success and approaches (2015) (2014) (2013) (2011).

rejoicing in this season of life for John and Jarrod as they both have almost, full time jobs and watching them navigate their new life and figuring out that the childhood status quo is gone and young adulthood is fully upon them. We were talking about the Journey, our church's huge Christmas production that requires over 1000 volunteers a night, and their desire to be apart of it again this year. But, they work shift work. We explained there will be seasons when work supersedes those things we want to do for doing things we can do amidst our work life. We had to remind them that both Jeff and I over the years past have missed out on Thanksgiving Day, Christmases, etc. because of work commitments. It is life.

memorizing the book of James. I abandoned this project two years ago and while my current Bible study is in the book of 2 Timothy I decided to attempt to memorize the book of James to completion. I am just in the first chapter but it's coming along fast.

documenting my 30 Days of Thankful the entire month of November. And, my plan is to document the entire month of December, too.

listening to, for the first time, books on tape - audio books, such as The Screwtape Letters, which was awesome! I followed that up with The Great Divorce - and I'm hooked.