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About the election and how to live right now: 5 words of Jesus that will change everything

A Prayer for our America; a prayer that unites: To do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God.

Iceland has officially been added to my bucket list.

This blog. We have nothing in common (she's a young hip mom and I'm an aging grandmother) - other than she is funny and I love to laugh. Although much of what she says is just plain spot on.

OOh, I want to make these agate sliced framed art.

In honor of the upcoming special 4-part episode of the return of our beloved The Gilmore Girls coming to Netflix later this month here is an extensive list compiled of all the books Rory Gilmore ever read - and mentioned within the 7 seasons of the show. Will you take the Rory Gilmore reading challenge and read all 339 books?

This, written a month ago by Beth Moore, is fitting now, even after the election and for everyday after. Remind ourselves, those of faith, “and the government shall be upon his shoulder.” Isaiah 9:6. "The church of Jesus Christ does not rise or fall on the fleshy back of an election..." - Beth Moore.

and one last one...

the ultimate bullet journal list of ideas for book lovers.