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30 Days of Thankful | 2

one thousand gifts | 30 Days of Thankful


To begin, One Thousand Gifts continues...

0047. the same family that Jeff and the boys helped cut down a tree that was threatening their barns and equipment and livestock fencing after Hurricane Matthew recently gifted us with 80 pounds of venison for our family to feast on.

0048. for the long, exhausting hours cutting and preparing the deer meat for freezing.

0049. for the old, but still keeps on freezing, free-standing freezer to store all the meat.

0050. for the delicate tenderloin medallions of venison we shared for an evening snack the other day.

0051. a well-written novel

0052. those books on the shelf I want to read again

0053. our sermon series in the book of Daniel

0054. remembering that time John and Jarrod shared the book of Daniel to their grandmother, chapter by chapter.

0055. a call back job interview for John

0056. homemade pizza and family movie night

0057. making up after a why-are-we-fighting fight

0058. Cracker Barrel maple syrup. Divine.

0059. a sky dressed clear blue

0060. the sun peeking over the horizon.

0061. my 30-oz Yeti thermos of steaming French vanilla-laden coffee

0062. the views from the 6th floor of the tower

0063. Mrs. Meyers Clover hand soap.

0064. a friend's face lighting up when she recognizes me

0065. an old friend (couple) stopping by, reconnecting, and knowing it won't be our last time together

0066. a crockpot full of venison sausage chili to share with friends

0067. a new mug holder of my growing mug collection

0068. a meat grinder, a really good knife, and a food saver vacuum sealer

0069. the heart-wrenching, gut-wrenching acts of hardship and goodness posted here and there on the internet.

0070. Proverbs 31:10,25


This year for my 30 Days of Thankful album I've created a 4 x 4 album template. Reminiscent of Paislee Press' This Day in December journal cards I made a 4 x 4 template, one for each day of November, same fonts, same look, for the right side. The left side is a 4 x 4 white framed photo template. Simple. Sweet. I am using this 4 x 4 We R Memory Keepers Instagram-sized album. And, I'm stoked. 

I knew preparing the templates was going to be key to me accomplishing this album amidst - life.

Find all my one thousand gifts.