30 Days of Thankful | 5
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A favorite photo lately of Ian and Wyatt. And this page. I loved putting it together. I adore how it turned out. Ian can get in his own little world where he likes it best. But, he seeks out those he most loves regularly. I remember when Jeff and I visited at the beginning of the year. Ian would go off and play by himself, but every time he ventured out he'd call out for Pop Pop. Just making sure his grandpa was still there, and available, and - present.

Wyatt is a mess! And what a superb mess he is. He's in the middle of everything. I adore all his questions and probings. He's wisdom beyond his years - and fun to boot.

Digital Notes: I used a bunch of One Little Bird brushes, a couple tags and that big, honking photo of my gorgeous grandsons.