Friday, with a cup of coffee | 16
December Daily 2016 | Day 10

a 1000 days 100 list


It is aggressive. It is challenging. It is exciting. It is inspiring. It is doable.

Over the next 1000 days, that is 2 years 8 months and 27 days, I am planning on completing some personal and travel goals. And, I've written them down for sort of an accountability to myself. The list is out there. I'm pretty well stoked! The travel goals will be the most difficult because I'll need to get my husband on board - somehow; approach it like he's helping me complete a challenge - and succeed. All of the personal items are just that - personal. They won't require my husband's participation. He's got his own things. Do I hope he'll encourage me? Absolutely! Do I hope he'll check up on me? Definitely! But, this is about me and a personal challenge to nourish - ME!

For me to accomplish even one thing on this list I will have to be intentional. I will - no - I must make time and be committed! 

Let's do this!


  1. Finish my 10,000 blessings book (I’m writing 10,000 Reasons to Bless His Holy Name)
  2. Return to my 52 Gratitudes project
  3. Learn how to use chopsticks
  4. Become a swimmer – again
  5. Be part of a learning course, weekend retreat, or trip to document life
  6. Write a bible study
  7. Take a hands-on photography course
  8. Learn my DSLR camera in manual mode
  9. Learn to take good photographs
  10. Write a memoir
  11. Make a set of ceramic mugs
  12. Learn hand-lettering
  13. Make homemade cheeses
  14. Eat more locally, fresh, Farmer’s Market
  15. Make pies from scratch – especially the crust
  16. Read 300 new books
  17. Document a food (eating) journal
  18. Memorize the book of James
  19. 52 Weeks of Giving in a row
  20. Write a high school Meteorology homeschool curriculum from scratch – for sale
  21. Make and Send out Christmas cards
  22. Learn how to crochet
  23. Swim with dolphins
  24. Participate in a color run/walk
  25. Buy a pair of Tieks
  26. Save an additional $5000
  27. Initiate and participate in a Progressive dinner
  28. Lose 100 pounds
  29. Macramé something (a wall hanging)
  30. Make homemade bread (from scratch)
  31. Make 52 new recipes
  32. Read through the entire Bible
  33. Complete 10 Bible studies
  34. Go to 3 concerts
  35. Finish my 1000 gifts project
  36. Participate in at least three- 5K walks
  37. Make 300 scrapbook pages
  38. Make homemade Pina Colada’s
  39. Do as many random acts of kindness on my birthday as the age I am turning
  40. Pay off our car note
  41. Put together a 1000 piece puzzle
  42. Paint a canvas for my living room
  43. Re-do my photo wall with updated photos
  44. Make homemade pop tarts
  45. Have a spa day
  46. Become a mentor
  47. Sponsor a child through Compassion International
  48. Start a prayer journal – again
  49. Drink a 16 ounce glass of water every day before I do anything
  50. Make and can homemade hot pepper jelly
  51. Can a vegetable or marinara sauce
  52. Take Taekwondo or Karate lessons
  53. Snail mail 52 cards and letters and packages
  54. Kiss in the rain and document it
  55. Complete a 30 day No Spending Spree
  56. Finish decorating our bedroom
  57. Make a cheesecake using a spring form pan
  58. Complete a one week no internet, no television, no phone (except phone calls) challenge
  59. Make homemade vanilla
  60. Complete all 12 lessons of my One Little Word class
  61. Improve to the point I can walk 10,000 steps a day
  62. Complete all 12 lessons of my FIT class
  63. Make 3 scrapbooking pages for each Story kit
  64. Go to the movies and watch movies from opening to closing
  65. Go horseback riding
  66. Go Ziplining
  67. Read a 800+ page book
  68. Read 25 classics
  69. Make 10 things from my CREATE52 Pinterest board
  70. Try out for a Creative Team (ie. Ali Edwards, Paislee Press, Sahin Designs, Sahlin Designs, or One Little Bird)
  71. Go to the Vidalia Onion festival
  72. Go strawberry or berry picking
  73. Find a good recipe and eat Brussel sprouts
  74. If a book is made into a movie read the book first
  75. Go to a Steelers football game


  1. Have a 25th Anniversary trip
  2. Take a Viking River Cruise
  3. Complete 4 vacation in a day trips
  4. Go on a weekend spiritual retreat alone
  5. Visit waterfalls of Georgia and South Carolina
  6. Spend several days in Philadelphia
  7. Take an Alaskan cruise
  8. Visit Washington DC
  9. Travel up the west coast of the US
  10. Vacation in Australia
  11. Bali
  12. A week in NYC
  13. Short term mission trip overseas
  14. Visit the Oregon (Northwest) coast
  15. Visit Nova Scotia
  16. Travel First Class
  17. Visit Niagara Falls when it’s cold
  18. Walk behind a water fall
  19. Soak in the hot springs of Iceland
  20. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  21. See a Broadway musical
  22. Go camping
  23. Be a tourist in my own town and write blog posts about it