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what I've been reading lately | december edition

currently & December Daily | Day 8


woefully battling various painful aches: toothaches, thankfully not continuous, but life-debilitating and needing a couple teeth extracted - yuk; back pain that translates to hip and leg and makes walking difficult.

reading The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp - oh my! I am also reading Voskamp's The Greatest Gift for my Advent devotional - beautiful. I'm also reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingslover and - yeah - The Christmas Carol.

watching Blue Bloods Season 6 with Jeff; and new-to-me, The West Wing - both very good. The Blacklist Season 3 and Castle Season 7

scrapping my December Daily album. It is all digital and while I'm not staying on track and keeping up I'm not far behind either.

served in The Journey - our church's amazing interactive, outdoor, Christmas production. A production that requires over 1000 volunteers on any given night. For two- 5 day stretches we tell the Christmas story to Bethlehem. I worked at the Special Needs table checking in those who need to ride in golf carts who can not make the 1-1/2 hour journey to Bethlehem on foot. It has been a pleasure. Jeff was Roman cavalry, dressed in Roman centurion garb and riding a very big horse. John and Jarrod were Roman centurion's scattered throughout Bethlehem.

anticipating our small groups Christmas party and White Elephant exchange. My gift will definitely NOT be the white elephant. I am hand-making a tie-blanket with fabric Jeff and I picked up from Joann's fabric store.

needing to finish Christmas decorating and planning my cookie making schedule. Speaking of cookies...

longing for Cherry Walnut Bars, Pecan Tassie's, Butterscotch Brownies, and Brownies in a Jiffy - for just a few.

wearing soft, warm, fuzzy socks at home pretty much everyday.

listening to my grandson Ian talk to me on FaceTime. I love talking to this boy. Ashley calls or texts just so I know Ian is thinking about me.

loving our fake tree. With our life changing, not good, not bad, just different Jeff and I thought, rather than get a real tree and have to take care of a live tree throughout the season we'd start a new thing and order a fake tree - for simplicity, for ease. I love it!

eating M&M peanuts and other yummy candy since I put out my three-tiered-size snowmen and polar bear Christmas bowls.

For Day 8 of my December Daily album I included a taste of my Currents for December. Because I document present participles each month of the year, what is currently happening in our/my life, it was only fitting to include it in my DD album. I kept it very simple using all Paislee Press products to tell the story.