December Daily 2016 | Day 3
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December Daily 2016 | Day 4


Today's 2-page, 6 x 8 spread is all about Jeff (and John and Jarrod) as Roman Centurions for our church's huge interactive, outdoor Christmas production where more than 1000 volunteers are needed each of the 10 nights.

My husband, Jeff, gets giddy with anticipation at serving in the Journey and heading back into Roman Centurion uniform (both he and my sons love it so much they've purchased their own armor, helmet, guards, and sword) and getting back on any one of the Percheron horses on loan for the production. He loves being a part of the story on the road to Bethlehem and to a baby in the manger - Jesus.


Jeff loves riding these horses. He's their nanny during the Journey as their owners only trust Jeff with their livelihood - the horses. 


Both of my sons joined my husband serving as Roman Centurions in this years Journey. Our boys aren't riding the horses but they are in the Bethlehem city marketplace. They, all three of them, helped build pieces of the city where much of the Journey takes place. It's just an amazing time for them. One they'll always remember.