December Daily 2016 | Day 6
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146 Seconds with God | Finding joy.

This needs to be done. That is checked off my list. What am I going to get them for Christmas? I still need to make this gift. I wish for a more simple, Christ-centered Christmas. My growing, gnawing heart-pounding need to find joy and peace seems just out of my reach. I wish for this and long for that. I'm going full speed ahead and I need to find my way through the maze - the haze - of discontentment that has been slowing making its way westward into my spirit like the covered wagons on the Oregon Trail, slow, persistent, cumbersome, burdensome, killing - my joy.

"How much will we give for our year-end offering above our tithe and offerings? Lay them in the manger symbolizing laying a gift at the feet of Him Who was born King of the world.

A spark ignites.

"Did you know Compassion International has income generation animal bundles?"

"Oh, really!"

"Yes!" And in my heart, "I could also sponsor a child..."

Another spark of joy fueled.

Coats for the homeless.

No longer a spark but a small flame.

And each spirit of giving, each time I drive through a restaurant and pay for the person behind me, the flame is fanned. With each gift wrapped. Fanned. With each hour served. Fueled. With each sacrifice...

Joy is no longer lost.

Joy replaces discontentment.

Joy is fueled by giving.

Discontentment can be wiped off the face of my heart by giving.

Want joy?

Start giving.