December Daily 2016 | Day 5
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A thank you to veterans and a prayer for the military spouse. While Veteran's Day has passed for this year, as a retired Air Force veteran and as a former military spouse any day of the year is a good day to honor our veterans and prayer for the military spouse. And this is just good - especially that prayer! (Bring tissues).

In this season of Thanksgiving and in the broken and upside down we do not have to find the good to be thankful for because Immanuel, God with us. He is the good.


Re-discover Jesus this Christmas.

While I don't have such oppressing woes after this election, mostly because I understand the truancy of post traumatic stress disorder and the people claiming post election stress disorder and the accompanying depression are suffering from a strong case of narcissism and seriously give a slap in the face to the real disorder, I do have concerns for America's future. This would have been if either candidate had been elected, not just Trump. Therefore, with my concerns, so as not to consume my thoughts and send me into rumination, I prefer to seek out a positive approach. Of course, first and foremost is seek first His kingdom...I go to the Word of God. Works every time. But, here's an interesting approach...learn something.

From a family we've begun supporting for their mission work in Honduras: gut-wrenching. inspiring. the hand of God

Bring a different way. As someone who struggles with this very meaty issue I was comforted and strengthened in my resolve to bring a different way to the table.