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December Daily 2016 | Day 6

lovin' these days | my Christmas list


There are a few things I'm lovin' these days.

A few things on my Christmas list under the moniker of something I want, something I need, something to read, and something to wear  This blue and white lamp for my bedroom side table is more a need than a want because we have no lighting in our bedroom except the overhead light and it is a horrible light for reading in my chair or, really, anything.


I would love this mug with an S - of course. It's beautiful! Definitely, a want!


Under the something to read category, I loved Amy's Food Network show when I watched television and love her unhurried, for-real style and would like her cookbook. I don't just look at the pictures. I read cookbooks.


Under the something to wear category, one ring for each grandchild would be lovely.

  A974e4394247b9651200a4ea7c000c93I need to buy a couple pairs of jeans. I have none. I thought these in a size 8.5 to wear with a pair of rolled up or cuff jeans would be swoopy.