December Daily 2016 | Day 12
15 Favorite Books of 2016

one thousand gifts | a homemade blanket to give away


106. the Journey is finished for the year and until Christmas 2018. It was an amazing time of serving with a really good bunch of people: for Jim, Marlene, Paula, Yvonne, Martha, Shay, Paul, Hendrick, Heather, and Ricky - you guys rock!

107. homemade Christmas cookies

108. finding my way out of discontentment through giving

109. beautiful skies that bless my heart

110. piping hot and soothing homemade noodles and chicken soup with fresh baked homemade bread. The joy is in rolling out the egg dough for the noodles and adding them into the boiling stockpot of chicken and vegetables and spices

111. the lush, soft, warm fabric purchased on huge sale and made into a blanket in under two hours. It's beautiful!

112. the chilly temperatures for snuggling

113. Jesus

114. His saving grace

115. when Jeff and I are in sync

116. giving me my one little word for this coming year: nourish

117. for nudging me to give more

118. for all the books on my shelves I have still yet to read for hours and hours of enjoyment

119. for Prilosac - it keeps the acid reflux and heart burn at bay.

120. for beautiful red skies in the morning.

121. settling in to a slower, less hectic holiday pace

122. listening to Christmas music and songs while Jeff puts together our homemade pizzas

123. Star Wars - Rogue One. Good movie.

124. reading an hysterically funny book that makes me think of Jeff, and me - and my dad