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086. The Journey. Compassion Christian Church.

087. the tender hearts serving the special needs table at the Journey

088. hearts of sons - who serve

089. much needed rain

090. relief from toothaches

091. a thrill of hope; a weary world rejoicing

092. pre-lighted Christmas trees

093. a box of ornaments (some tattered and torn) reflecting years of Christmas joy

094. a concerned doctor who seeks to heal not just relieve symptoms

095. voices that sing a cappella

096. homemade Christmas cookies

097. and the memories that go with them

098. creamy, delicious eggnog

099. the prayers of saints praying for you when your sick

100. 'when I saw your name on the list that we'd be working together I was excited'

101. the Son given

102. a morning of low ceilings, low visibilities, light rain, heavy rain showers, thunderstorms and lightning, fog to keep me busy at work and make the time fly by

103. my grandson asking his mom to text me a picture of the sky and ask what kind of clouds; it meant he was thinking about me

104. those with the gift of words

105. carrying us through our exhaustion