52 Weeks of Giving | 2
2017 Reading Challenge | a book in translation

52 Gratitudes 2017 | 1


It is hard to express this blessing. This feeling. This gratefulness. When I step outside on to the opened air, and grated floor of the 6th floor of the control tower at the Savannah-Hilton Head International airport at sunrise, I so very often pause, am taken aback, blown-away by the sky as the sun breaks over the horizon and the resulting display. Just for me!

How is it that I feel this amazing love of God just because I beheld a gorgeous - glorious - sky! Is it because God has given me His Spirit and His Spirit knows me so well. He knows me by name. He knows what makes my heart swell with gratitude. Oh God, You are so good to me.

Along with this gratitude is my prayer that my job will continue beyond the expected closing date. Far beyond, Lord.