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This sweet family, you know them mostly by all the 8 x 8 pages I have been making of Tucker and Silas - their almost-2-year old twins. Well, now they have another set of twins, Ridge and Asher. Great names. Love this family. We've known Maggie for many years now. She loves our boys and well - we love hers, too.

So, Maggie has 4 little ones in tow. The babies were born preemie's but they are home now and thriving. But, 4 little ones in tow. Of course, someone prepped the Take Them A Meal website for people to sign up and bring food. Hello. No brainer.

Except, pain levels almost everyday have been rough. But, it's this family. I've taken them two meals already and signed up for a third. I just took them one of the two the other day and Maggie whispered to me that the meal I made was the best they've had. Well, maybe! It is delicious I don't mind saying. Roasted Chicken, roasted red pepper, pesto fettuccini. Yum, and yum!

The sacrifice was cooking through the pain. And, the 40 minute drive one way in Savannah traffic close to rush hour. Otherwise, just a joy. Joy in the giving.