52 Gratitudes 2017 | 3
ON SAVANNAH | on a surprise outdoor date adventure

Currently | January


needing more book shelves for my home. I have acquired so many books and still more are on my wish list in Amazon that I am...no, I have run out of room on our bookshelves. Considering some wall shelving above our dresser in our bedroom.

eyeballing some art work to add to our bedroom and get me closer to a design finish. This one definitely has my eye. But, still contemplating others from my Pinterest Bedroom board. Can you guess what color our bedroom is?

participating in Ali Edwards' One Little Word class and loving it. Rather than stressing over the class I'm truly taking it in, taking my time, and internalizing my word, Nourish, for 2017. Attempting to make my word alive and active in my life.

nourishing a heart of gratitude and giving, sometimes daily, oftentimes daily, but at least weekly. I've prepared meals, gifted homemade cinnamon rolls, a special gift to my husband, handmade a blanket, put together a couple bags of food for those in need (and the month isn't over yet)...and the gratitude...it's keeping me grounded in contentment and joy.

swimming. Yep, I made it to the pool last week and I'm heading to the pool on Friday. Beyond excited to be back in the pool.

reading The Martian by Andy Weir

anticipating J.D. Robb's latest In Death novel coming out in February.

writing a new blog series titled ON SAVANNAH. Each short (some, very short) essay will be on Savannah; what to see, what to do, where to eat, what to visit, and why, etc...It is my perspective, what I have enjoyed about Savannah. The first post should be up sometime this month.

finishing up the last week of my current Bible study by Beth Moore, Entrusted. While I have enjoyed the study and have applied several actions to my life it hasn't been as good as some of her other studies. There are a couple of her studies I've missed taking as I consider what's next. Such as Believing God - or maybe this time around I'll try someone else altogether. Dallas Williard writes in The Spirit of the Disciplines that  Bible study (and other disciplines) have little effect for soul transformation without it being accompanied by lengthy solitude, silence, and rest [for listening for God to speak, for reflection, for application], we must choose this discipline in the first place for there to be any chance at having God's attention (all paraphrased and my understanding).

starting a 2017 Our Life album. I thought I would be able to combine 2016 and 2017 together as I had significantly changed how I was documenting our lives in 2016. But as I was putting the last pages in our album from my recent Persnickety Prints order, I found I would not have room for 2017 pages. I already have an album(s) on hand, another teal/turquoise We R Memories 12 x 12 album, but I have very few page protectors, so I will need to stock up.

watching the last seasons of The West Wing (loving it so) and re-watching Stargate: Atlantis. Castle, the last season, is in there too - but we rarely have time to watch it (as Jeff and I are watching this together). Not sure what I'm going to watch next. I tried the first Episode of Mad Men and - blah - even though it had rave reviews. I've never watched Friends, or The Sopranos but not sure they're worth my time. I'm waiting on the next seasons of The Blacklist, Madam Secretary, Blue Bloods, and Longmire to come to Netflix or DVD.

loving my new do.

hoping to formulate a formal list of what I'm hoping to read this year. I have so many books on my bookshelves and desire so many more as I regularly add books to my beautiful - evil - Amazon cart.