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2017 Reading Challenge | a Newberry Award winner or Honor book

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I knew it all along: the 1 secret to destroying anxiety and fear (by Ann - of course)

My very own way of destroying anxiety and fear: One Thousand Gifts

A single word can be a powerful thing. Have you chosen your word for 2017? Mine is Nourish.

Am I a Christian?

My heart lies with meteorology - and beautiful photos. Enjoy a tour of December around the world.

Is reading through the Bible in a year one of your new years resolutions? Here is a plethora of ways to do just that.

I'm not a Jesus feminist but this article spoke to me in a way. There are so many women taking the spiritual lead in their households because their husbands won't. While this article doesn't speak of that issue in any way I would like to know why men would even think about holding a woman back to the label of 'for a girl' when men/husbands are not stepping up and filling in the gap for Christ. And then she talks about this.

The title may be Jesus always picks the wrong guy but truly He always picks the right guy.

Why doesn't God Heal the people we Love?