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ON SAVANNAH | on a surprise outdoor date adventure



For a sensational surprise outdoor date adventure, cleverly and cunningly arranged by your date (aka, my hubby), enjoy a dolphin boating tour, relax dockside for a meal at one of Tybee's most popular restaurant, and finish off the evening with a leisurely stroll hand in hand on the lush, sandy beach of Tybee Island - Savannah's eastward isle.

Do not pass up this terrific trifecta of an afternoon and well-into-the-evening engagement perfectly designed for two; enjoy the sun’s warmth on your faces, and the salt-water spray on your arms and wafting through your nostrils; allow the silky sand between your toes and the sea-foam and crashing waves at your feet. Come on, let's get started!


The excitement mounts as you climb onto the touring trawler at Captain Mike's Dolphin Tours , voted best adventure tour nine years straight, and depart Lazaretto Creek Marina heading up the channel and out into the gently breaking open waters towards the Atlantic Ocean. Every heart aboard is pounding with expectation as you pass shrimp boats and docks portraying the charm of an old fishing village hoping to be the first to sight a dolphin. 

Every eye is peeled, even as the Cockspur Lighthouse passes by and anticipating that first glimpse of a school of friendly, bottle-nosed dolphin to happenstance alongside the boat. The Cockspur Lighthouse, built in 1855, withstood a direct line of fire, 30-hour raging battle when the Confederate armies fell to the Union during the Civil War. The tour guide deftly maneuvers the boat by Cockspur Island for a panoramic view of  another historic monument and favored touring site, Fort Pulaski, that fell to the Union during the same 30-hour conflict. Then, approaching the North Beach of Tybee, the tour meets its half-way point with a scenic view of one of America's most intact lighthouses, the Tybee Lighthouse that has been guiding mariners with its nine-foot tall First Order Fresnel lens safely into the Savannah River for 270 years.


After an hour and a half in open waters your face is toasty warm from the sun and yet, a bit chilled from the cool waters spry, head onto Tybee Island proper to AJ’s Dockside restaurant tucked in off the beaten path, juxtaposed to the island's Back River where avid boaters park – well - dockside, and head along the pier and onto the dock to enjoy AJ’s highly rated seafood fare. First things first: You do not want to miss the simply southern appetizer of blackened shrimp and grits with just a touch of Cajun flare.

Following your leisurely, and truly delightful meal, head down to the beach where Tybee beach is a pay-to-park community accepting cash or credit cards and parking is free after 8 pm. Cross one of the many public wooden boardwalks, passing by the sea grass-laden sand dunes, take a stroll down to the western shore of the Atlantic Ocean hand in hand. Kick off your shoes, and enjoy a peaceful ramble along the gentle seashelled shore with waves lapping against your ankles and watch the final farewell to the day’s sun as you pass under the Tybee pier. Perfect ending to a perfect day.