Friday, with a cup of coffee | 19
ON SAVANNAH | on an early morning adventure

one thousand gifts | reconnecting


In my pursuit to give thanks for one thousand gifts, to replace discontentment with contentment, and trials to considering it pure joy, writing down the bones - the gifts that can turn a frown upside down, change a heart...

0151. reconnecting with dear, sweet-spirit, classy, sarcastic, honest, loving, faithful Melanie. I've missed her beautiful soul! This in itself would be 1000 gifts.

0152. the new lamp next to my bedside table

0153. coffee brewed in the morning

0154. that video Brad sent of Samuel crying, crying and then he heard the Gilmore Girls theme song and stopped crying. So funny!

0155. realizing at the end of the day that it had been a really awesome day just because of giving to others and connecting with people

0156. opening up my email to find a post from Focus on the Family breaking down nourishing your spouse - my One Little Word for 2017. How cool is that!

0157. holding a preemie but gorgeous baby and delivering a meal to the family with two sets of twins

0158. a delicious handmade salad

0159. re-arranging furniture and giving a living room new life - in time for small group to regather

0160. Jeff coming home today at a decent hour.

0161. a couple texting conversations that made my day

0162. cool nights for some really good sleeping weather

0163. being struck at the heart after this Sunday's sermon how very much we are blessed as a couple and a family and as a country even, and mostly, that we are on the right track - but we can always do more.

0164. some really good conversation in small group that carried over after they went home into our own conversation.

0165. connected with Stacia

0166. connected with Amy

0167. connected with Jessie

0168. finishing a really good book

0169. uploaded the first video to a new Bible study. Lately, I've been bombarded with the idea - well, truth, in fact - that growth in Christ just doesn't happen with a fresh studying of His Word. One has nothing, absolutely nothing to stand on with His Word.

0170. the fire-roasted marshmallow scent wafting in the room

0171. rejoicing with friends when 3 of their kids (adult kids) are part of the worship team that day

0172. the answer to anxiety, worry, uncertainty, discontent is always exalt Christ. Give Him your gratitude. Give Him your praise. Bless Him.