52 Gratitudes 2017 | 2
2017 Reading Challenge | a book with a reputation for being un-put-down-able

one thousand gifts | welcoming a new year


0125. a new year welcomed

0126. a new tradition began. We took the lead from this post and began another new year's eve tradition. At midnight we woke Jarrod (he went to bed early because he had to work New Year's Day) and we gathered around the table for bread and wine (sparkling grape juice) and gave thanks for 2016, remembered Jesus' sacrifice, and prayed for 2017. What a lovely tradition to begin.

0127. a new year's eve tradition kept. We made appetizers to share on New Year's eve and spent the entire evening playing games: Yahtzee, Scrabble, and Monopoly for a wonderful ringing in of the new year.

0128. abundant gifts around the tree

0129. mugs, and more mugs! Just a sweet little crazy collection

0130. a year of intentional gift giving

0131. Compassion International and sponsoring a child

0132. spending New Years morning in church hearing an amazing message grounded in the Word of God

0133. a bubbling pot of homemade venison chili

0134. successful tooth extractions

0135. nourishing learning: practicing Spanish using an online language tool

0136. many books to read

0137. the monthly habit of planning the next month's menu

0138. the bright sun bursting through the clouds

0139. moments of contentment to chase away discontentment

0140. the written word heard loud and clear: the answer to anxiety is the adoration of Christ - ann voskamp

0141. the return of cooler temperatures

0142. new beginnings

0143. the smell of lemon and garlic wafting through the kitchen

0144. the very act of preparing a meal

0145. packing that bag with swimsuit, goggles, and swim cap and the anticipation of dropping in the pool. Too giddy to comprehend

0146. glimpses of fearlessness and peace and the hope for  - less, and more.

0147. one little guiding word that bears repeating

0148. the simple act of service of prepping the coffee pot by my husband speaking volumes to my love language

0149. in reading Endurance the lines on page 94, "When it came Greenstreet's turn, he elected to read Sir Walter Scott's Marmion. And Macklin allowed as how "I must confess I find his reading an excellent soporific." - and when I looked up the word soporific because I did not know what it meant I had a hearty chuckle

0150. handling our finances stress-free