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Project Life 2017 | plus my scrapbooking 'goals' for the year


I truly was not sure (and I'm still not 100%) if I want to come back to Project Life for this 2017 year. But, the other day I was perusing my stash of digital products by Paislee Press and stumbled on one of her 12 x 12 Project Life (pocket page type) digital templates and thought to myself: that would be pretty easy to just add photos, maybe use some of her other 4 x 6 or 3 x 4 templates, and just begin. The design was already there. It is the reason I love pre-fashioned templates, design is done for you and as design and embellishments are not my forte - win, win. 

Thus, here is week one's page for 2017. It is, as you can see, one page. I expect one page spreads to be a normal occurrence for 2017, with 2-page thrown in occasionally, as I've been hopeless this past year (using that as a guide) about taking regular pictures. Maybe that will change this year, thus, the occasional 2-page versus 1-page spreads.  I'm certainly okay with this and it does not stress me out in the least.

So, one of my scrapbooking goals for 2017 is Project Life: weekly pages of our life with the caveat that if I miss a week here or there or only get a monthly page in, "it's all good."

I've been mulling over other potential goals and I'm positive a big one will be to use my Ali Edwards' Story Kits. I subscribe monthly to Ali's digital Story kit and I have accumulated a plethora of digital kits for telling stories. I need to tell those stories and use those kits!!! My second scrapbooking goal for 2017 is to scrap at least 2 (but preferably more) pages using product from each kit. I have in mind to even incorporate this into my blogging: receive my kit, make pages using the latest kit, and blog the kit plus the pages.

My third scrapbooking goal is to document each month What I've Been Reading lately. Last year I documented 52 New Books in 2016  with a 4 x 4 album, but finished off the last few months (because I had read my 52 New Books in September 2016) making 12 x 12 pages of what I'd read that month and also participating in Modern Mrs. Darcy's QuickLit, What I've Been Reading Lately by linking to her monthly post. My plan is to continue linking up with MMD and continue making a 12 x 12 page of what I've been reading each month by the 15th.

A fourth mini album is my 52 Weeks of Giving. This is a clean and simple album photo + giving story. It is part of my One Little Word for 2017 NOURISH a heart of giving. A fifth mini album; another clean and simple album is 52 Gratitudes 2017. I missed this exercise in 2016, tremendously. I saw a difference in my hearts contentment so I had to bring it back in 2017 and nourish a heart of gratitude.

A sixth goal is to continue making pages for the Adkinson's (who have added another set of twins to their family recently) and for the Trumps. I'm not sure how much nor how much longer I'll continue these gifts but I enjoy telling their stories, putting photos and words to pages.

This may seem like an overwhelming amount of scrapbooking but for much of it I already have a rhythm going and for others, especially the mini albums, are clean and simple, photo + words - getting the story told.

That is the overlying goal for my year as well. Clean and Simple. Use pre-made templates, scraplift, use the product I have...and definitely do not stress over pages.

Some other thoughts I've had for scrapbooking projects are 1) create a date night album. I started a 6 x 8 album but realized I have a ton of pages I've made over the years that are 12 x 12. So, my thought was to designate a 12 x 12 album for our dates, chronologically, and the 12 x 12 size will accommodate ALL sizes of pages - even 6 x 8. Plus, I love inserting varied size pages into a 12 x 12 album. Also, 2) I seriously need to finish my meteorology, memoir, cloud book, album (which DID NOT happen in 2016) and 3) document 31 Things and 31 More Things - classes by Ali Edwards that take a word, 31 different words, and document/journal with a photo + words - about that word. It is totally a self-introspection type of journaling and scrapbooking. It gets my story told through words. It, invariably, falls under that Clean and Simple umbrella.