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Project Life 2017 | Week 2


Proceeding slowly into Project Life 2017. Those weekly pages of our life. I desperately need to become more purposeful about taking photos but life right now, for the most part, is work, eat, hang, sleep, repeat. I need to figure out another way. I have some ideas and just need to make them happen. Maybe, some around here, or around the house pages. Some currently pages. Collections: mugs, books, reading...

Today I'm sharing week two of 2017. New do! New ministry to support. Date night. New lamp. And, the Martian (a really good movie and book).

I used a Paislee Press template which I then almost completely modified by overlaying with more Paislee Press templates. Noticeably, and not surprisingly (I crack myself up!), I used Ali Edwards SURPRISE Story kit and OLD and NEW Story kit plus photos and that is as clean and simple as you can get.