52 Weeks of Giving | 5
Project Life 2017 | Week 2

Stories 2017 | Looking Ahead


I decided to continue gifting scrapbook pages to our dear friends, The Trumps. Jessie and Jordan make it super easy: they take tons of pictures and they write stuff, journaling. For this page I used all Jessie's words, a review of their 2016, and looking ahead to 2017 expectantly for God to move. I even used the photo Jessie used for the journaling, although I've saved many family photos that would have worked just as well. This is one of their most recent. Those kids - all adopted, one family of kids - all theirs.

Digitally, I used Ali Edwards' REVIEW Story Kit as part of my scrapbooking goal to use my story kits that I've garnered over these past couple years. Photo, story, and a few carefully placed embellishments. I think I used the rule of thirds correctly and placed my embellishments within a visual triangle for more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Because the photo was black and white I could have gone with any color so I kept most of the embellishments their decided, purchased, colors. But, I love the freedom digital scrapbooking affords me in being able to easily change the color of .png files, but sometimes time-consuming.