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Stories from the Files | For the Trumps

At the first of the year I had know idea whether I could continue making pages for the Trumps' album, but after conversing with Jessie recently, after she let me know they received the box filled with album pages created by me for them about their family, it was a no brainer. This is a year of nourishing giving as part of my One Little Word - nourish. What a great gift to continue for this family: the gift of recording their memories. And, I still have a ton of family memories from the files (read: 2016) I need to record. Thought I'd better get busy. So here are two pages I made recently.


First, this 2-page layout is lots and lots of pictures. One of my favorite ways to scrapbook. Ironically, it's not 'welcomed' or 'praised' in the scrapbooking community to include tons of photos on your pages but I love heavy-photo pages.

And this family takes lots of photos. It makes my jobs so easy.

Supporting one of my scrapbooking goals for the year, use each of Ali Edwards' Story kits for at least two pages. So, for this page I used the WILD story kit (I love those word phrase 'stickers') and a couple brushes from her Little Fabulous Joys set. Because it is the photos that truly tell the story here this was an easy page. I used a Yin Dgs template - my go-to templates for lots of photos. I did modify the template quite a bit but it still has the overall effect.


Another page for the Trumps. And another Yin Dgs template, modified. This time this two-page layout is created with One Little Bird Designs digital products. More 'heavy on the photos' pages. When I need specific event type products I generally go to One Little Bird digital products or Paislee Press or Sahlin Designs. I've picked up a couple other 'becoming favorites', recently, too. They're making scrapbooking easy.