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While I was at the commissary recently - we have a commissary on Hunter Army Airfield; in fact, they just renovated the commissary with gorgeous stained cement flooring, a new produce section and all new free-standing freezers (like normal grocery stores). It certainly makes for a more pleasurable shopping experience. Some of the cashiers have been there as long as we have - we arrived to Hunter '92-'94. 

Anyways, while shopping I picked up a stack of boxes of spaghetti and as many cans of spaghetti sauce. It's actually the same kind of spaghetti sauce we use, because even though I love to cook, I haven't made my own spaghetti sauce. Not sure why, really.

So, my plan was to drop off the filled bags of groceries to The Lighthouse, a food pantry at Compassion Christian. But, our church had a Bumper Bag weekend; whomever wants to participate puts bags of non-perishable groceries on their bumpers (at their bumper) and the traffic team from our church would pick up the bags of food for you. It's a pretty neat set up. I think The Lighthouse distributes many, hundreds and hundreds of bags of groceries every month to the needy.