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7 books every couple should read


I'm no expert. These are just a few books that my husband and I, at various seasons of our marriage, found to be helpful, or challenged our status quo for our marriage, or upped our 'game'. This is not-even-close to an exhaustive list of great books on marriage. But, these 7 - are GOOD!

51rV-3xwEJLThe Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. If only to understand what love languages are, what your own love languages are, and what your spouses love languages are, and what to do when you have that information, this is definitely a great book to read as a couple, either individually [together], or out loud together. But, definitely share your love language with each other and make a commitment to meet your spouses love language right where they are. 




51kYqKy+hvLFor Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn. My husband and I read this one on the road, literally. While we were traveling, I was reading this book aloud to Jeff. If I read aloud my comprehension is better and if I read aloud Jeff's comprehension is better. Go figure! While the title says it's for women only, and it is in a way, it's okay to read this together because your man can say, Yes, that's me. Do you understand me now? This is a very enlightening book. 




41RQbQiGbiLFor Men Only by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn. And the companion book, For Men Only helps the men get women. This is another book that is great read aloud while traveling. Again, for the same reason. I was able to clarify, enlighten, expound, or share my take on what we were reading - as the woman.





7176OMzUwhLSacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. This is not for the faint at heart. This is not for you if you are only hoping for a happier marriage. It is for you if you want a marriage that is holier. Holier, not happier (although, if a marriage is holier it WILL be happier - guaranteed). This one is on my bookshelf. Reading it soon.






81xOLrq1aYLHis Needs, Her Needs by Willard Harley. This is some serious business. The book identifies a man and a woman's vital needs and then tells you how to meet your spouses needs. It's not about how your spouse is or isn't meeting your needs but how to meet your spouses needs. Folks, a holy marriage will always place your spouses needs above your own needs. My husband and I read this during a challenging time. It is a challenging book, too. Not for the faint at heart. Choose this day whom you will serve. Hopefully, it is your spouse.



712cLhVd7nLCommunication: Key to Your Marriage by H Norman Wright. This isn't as well known of a book as some of the others; it's quite a bit older, but still some really good stuff. Early in our marriage, and even before we were married we read this book, or at least pieces of it recommended to us by our counselor.





91H0vstAh+LNight Light: a devotional for couples by Dr. James and Shirley Dobson. What better way to ensure, you as a couple, are digging in the word than a devotional together. An older selection yet still a penetrating devotional.






In no way is this even close to an exhaustive selection of books for soon-to-be and married couples. If you think your marriage is okay and doesn't need a check-up then your marriage probably need to look harder, look more intently at your spouse, because it probably isn't okay because every marriage can be re-charged, re-vitalized, serviced, reminded how we can serve our spouses and communicate better because we all get complacent.