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Project Life 2017 | Week 8

currently | february 2017


crawling this month. With Jeff off his feet from surgery on his toe, and my pain levels high; cold to hot, hot to cold rheumatoid arthritis plaguing my body running rampant. Like on Saturday when we were out shopping and there I am bee-boppin' into the store and wham! Just like that! My hips exploded in pain and swelling and I could barely walk; literally, had to shuffle to even move. And then the cold/flu, too - kicking my butt - since I think it may have turned to bronchitis.

considering going back to school for a master's in meteorology. discussed it with Jeff. He's okay with it if I save for the classes. It's just that I caught the bug for teaching when I taught meteorology to high school students. I wouldn't mind teaching college-age meteorology, physical science, environmental science, oceanography, etc. Can't do that with a masters in business administration. I need to define, or refine, my goal, before I commit to a year and a half of college. Going to have to stick this one at the top of the prayer list for careful consideration. There is such uncertainty with my present job situation and teaching college is something I'm positive I would enjoy.

reading plenty. Averaging two books a week and at that rate I'll read over 100 books in 2017. I've figured out what happens. I'll read a fiction novel and then I'll read a couple non-fiction books. I think it is because I prefer non-fiction over fiction. Unless, of course, J.D. Robb has a new book out. Then it doesn't matter what I've read last. I picked up her latest, Echoes in Death, and toot-sweet, finished that baby pretty-darned quick. I'm currently reading The Rembrandt Affair by Daniel Silva, Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin (in preparation for Lent), and In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume (this one is on my nightstand so I'm only getting snippets of it some nights before my eyes close), Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner, Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas and The Innocent by David Baldacci.

struggling to find my scrapbooking process, flow, groove - of picture taking and journal keeping. I know if I'm going to continue Project Life, even though I'm okay with the now of Project Life, but if I'm going to continue it throughout the rest of the year I'm going to have to take more pictures, document more stories during the week. Otherwise, it will be same 'ole, same 'ole. That is okay for awhile, but not forever. I've read from other pseudo-empty nesters who have experienced similar scrapbooking woes. I say pseudo because the boys still live with us but because they work their lives have pretty much become their own. The four of us are rarely, these days, together.

missing - the four of us. Being together, doing stuff, having fun.

studying Believing God by Beth Moore. It's good. So good! But, I'm planning on participating in an online Lenten study where I'll be studying the book of John so I'm doing a bit of preparation.

getting the all clear from the doctor after getting his stitches removed to wear his walking boot, Jeff is heading back to work this week, part time; he's also putting together a plan for a side job for a friend. It'll keep him busy for several weeks and beyond.

listening to Lauren Daigle's Come Alive (Dry Bones), Zack Williams Chain Breaker (after singing it in church), Hillary Scott's Thy Will, and Ryan Stevenson's In the Eye of the Storm. Loving still, when they come on the radio: Danny Gokey's There's Hope in Front of Me, Tell Your Heart to Beat Again, and More Than You Think I Am and Gordon Feliz', The River.

looking for some art work for our bedroom. Once the bookshelves are up on the walls, art will be the last piece of the decorating puzzle I think. Other than cleaning...and keeping it clean.

watching Season 13 of NCIS. It's been a couple years since we've watched this show on prime time television. Life happens. So, I thought we'd catch up. Of course, Season 14 isn't on Netflix, yet.

giving, as part of my 52 Weeks of Giving project, is on my mind all the time. I'm always on the look out for another way to give. I recently made a set of birth statistics for a friend and framed them; I'm helping another friend put together Mother's Day gift baskets for the refugee women in our city. This project, nourishing [my One Little Word] nourishing a heart of giving, is changing me from the inside - out.