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It's been awhile since I shared some internet space. These have been on my backlist brewing for several weeks. Please enjoy the time. Maybe, with a cup of coffee...

On making friends.

Guts, grace, grit, and gratitude. I love this post on a scrapbooking plan for 2017.

The closer Abraham drew to God, the more unsettled his life became. It reminds me of a piece I read once about Mother Theresa. I'm not sure what question was posed but her answer was something to the effect, 'the closer I get to God, the more I see my sinful self.' I'm sure her intentions weren't for us to draw away from God because the road would be harder as we were drawn closer to God, but, instead, to make it clear that an unsettled life was inevitable in Christ. On a faithful life. While this post didn't necessarily speak about sin...I just wanted to share.

What I've been thinking about too? Setting a grace table. Choosing empathy - and loving mercy.

Here comes the rain.

Words I think of each morning as I head out on the sixth floor at work and watch the sun rise.

Achingly compelling and beautiful.

Considering reviving my liking of indoor plants. Here's a great article to get me started.

Do you bullet journal? Here's some empowering bullet lessons.

Love listens. "Attention is the rarest and highest form of generosity."