Project Life 2017 | Week 5
Friday, with a cup of coffee | 20

one thousand gifts | warm house


Acknowledging gifts. Turns frowns upside down. Cheesy statement, but changing the attitude of the mind and the heart also changes our actions and reactions. Before gifts, discontentment, heartache, heartbreak, sadness, frustration, silliness, waywardness, ungratefulness. After gifts, recognizing God's hand in each individual act, measure of gift, goodness, blessing changes us from the inside out. Not only for that moment, or moments, but when we reflect, these gifts become like Ebenezer's, stones of remembrance of the goodness, the blessed-ness of God, in His in-fine-ite MERCY.

0173. a new Bible study

0174. declaring the glory of the Lord through giving

0175. beautiful shelves left to be hung

0176. unexpected compliment

0177. the cooler temperatures after a long run of rather warm

0178. being told I was a good Bible study teacher

0179. time, lots of time with the Lord

0180. a mostly clean house

0181. a husband in pursuant of cherishing his wife

0182. listening to a book on Audible - the blessings of technology

0183. cooler temperatures, warm house

0184. empty laundry baskets

0185. successful surgery

0186. recuperation

0187. those things that are saving my life right now, changing my outlook, adjusting my attitude

0188. a busy morning that made time fly

0189. good conversation with friends, laughter, fun, and good food.

0190. a couple good back and forth texts with a dear sweet lady and a new, sweet lady.