52 Gratitudes 2017 | 4
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Project Life 2017 | Week 3


Continuing with Project Life 2017, a weekly scrapbooking endeavor using the pocket scrapbooking technique made famous by Becky Higgins Project Life. I am finding I am cozying up to this project more each day. A project that I used to do but took a lengthy break from and now have returned.

This year will be a mix of 1-page and 2-page spreads I think. It'll depend if I can get my but in gear and take pictures. The more pictures generally means more stories to tell. 

This week is kind of an overview week of what's going on versus specific things that happened, events that happened this week. I imagine this will be a regular occurrence, telling our right now's, and loving these days, or currently, or I want to remember; those journal prompts I so love to do. 

Digitally speaking: One thing I love about Project Life is design. It's basically done for you. Pockets already in place for photos plus journaling. You can't go wrong. I used Paislee Press templates, Ali Edwards brushes, and Becky Higgins Project Life journal cards, and Sahlin Studio overlays.

And that cake...to die for!