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Today, I'm linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy. She invited everyone who wanted to participate to list-share what is giving us life. Because, our all-to-often rants of what is killing us, can be decidedly replaced by what is saving us.


Books. I always have one, or two, or three, even five books going, or readily available, of different genre because at a moments notice with my shifting moods I have to read - something else.


Coffee. Coffee with French vanilla creamer (preferably the Walmart brand). I drink a cup before work. I drink a cup on the drive to work. I drink a 30 ounce Yeti at work. I'm not sorry. it's what's saving my life.

Weekly date nights with my husband. Even if it is just dinner and Lowes. I bet you think I meant to say dinner and a movie. Nope. Dinner and Lowes. Because it means plans are being made, or progress is being made, or projects are coming to completion.

Journaling one thousand gifts, weekly gratitude, and 10,000 reasons to bless the name of the Lord. The exercise of writing down the bones of blessings I recognize (there are so many I don't even see), or giving thanks and gratefulness for those blessings, and even more importantly am fully aware, wholly alive when I reason out blessing the Name of the Lord. Working on changing my heart from the inside out is saving my life. Changing discontentment to being content. Becoming less and He greater.


Monthly menu plans. Actually, it's been saving my life for years. Towards the end of each month I create a monthly calendar of meals, Sunday through Saturday. I love to cook and my family thinks I'm a pretty darn good cook, too, so I search Pinterest, the internet, our family recipes, and cookbooks for old favorites or new and exciting recipes. I recently made an Angel Hair pasta with Roasted Red Pepper sauce and Andouille sausage - it was heaven. Lately, once a week salad for dinner has been prominently and gloriously on the menu - and yummy! So, sort of saving me there, too.

Our small group, or life group. Over the holidays we take a long break from meeting and when we started meeting again in the middle of January I realized how much I missed this group of people in our home regularly getting together, fleshing out our faith, building each other up, fellowshipping, praying over each other. It is life-saving. 

My job. No, seriously. I'm a meteorologist by trade. But, currently my job is simply weather observing. While it is not my true love, which is aviation meteorology, it is however, keeping me within the weather career field. There's also - working gives me purpose.


Studying the Word every day. My primary study right now is Believing God by Beth Moore. When I'm in the Word, soaking it up, wrestling with God, my mind, my heart, my soul is nourished. The Word of God - saving my life.


Story telling through scrapbooking. Sometime ago I went through a season of no scrapbooking. For months. I didn't want to tell the stories we were living out. But, at the same time, it was killing me not to scrapbook. Then out of desperation I went back to telling our stories. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Scrapbooking (digitally, of course) saves my life.

Re-connecting and connecting with dear ladies who have been in and out of my life. This year I hope to nourish relationships and some of those reconnections are with ladies who have been like daughters to me. I didn't realize how much I missed them...achingly so...until I reconnected.