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2017 Reading Challenge | read three books by the same author


For this challenge from Modern Mrs Darcy's 2017 Reading Challenge I completed read three books by the same author.

I assumed for this challenge I would read three of Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon series as I've been reading this series regularly, picking one up every couple of weeks, at least. Since I only have five left of the current selections I'm sure I will read three this year, but my first three books by the same author came from David Baldacci, the popular author, who I've only recently found, and enjoy.


These are three books from three different series', Amos Decker, John Puller, and the Will Robie series'. The Amos Decker character, by Baldacci, is a fairly new series and it, and he - the character - is phenomenal. He is a former football player who took a hard hit in the head, woke up with a condition whereby he doesn't forget anything, became a police officer, had his wife and child murdered, left the police force because he lost it after the death of his family and entered into psuedo private investigation which has led him to being used by the FBI for special investigations.

Of the three series this one is my favorite.

I do like the John Puller series, an active duty Army Criminal Investigator, special division. The first in the series was good. In fact it was gripping, but the second one was just confusing, but okay, hopefully he'll redeem himself in the third, which I think is out on hardback so I'll be waiting on that one.

The Will Robie series...not sure yet if I like the character. He's an assassin for a governmental organization who goes off the grid, to help a teenage girl, and solve a mystery. He's a redeemable character, not at all someone I don't like, but I just haven't fallen for - yet. 

I think Baldacci has written enough books that I'll find plenty to enjoy in the future. 

Only 15 more books to go in this reading challenge. But, as I've only read 20 books thus far this year, I have 80 more books in my 100 New Books in 2017 challenge.