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Project Life 2017 | 10

52 Gratitudes 2017 | 10


An 8-foot and two 6-foot shelves. Filled, not quite to the ends but almost. Gorgeous! So thankful Jeff made the time for me!!! He and Jarrod worked together to put up the shelves and I set out filling them up. What teamwork! I'm so grateful to have the shelves, as the stacks of books, though beautiful in their own right, was stressing me out.

This marks decision point for final decorative art and touches to our master bedroom. My goal, my plan is to call it...gorgeous...I'm mean done - complete - by the end of April. I've got my eye on some art work and finishing touches. It is a pleasure to walk in my room. I'm smiling from ear to ear: beautiful grey walls Jeff painted a few years ago, my red chair and ottoman (which I might return to the living room and replace with light blue - haven't decided), my shelves filled, beautiful indigo blue lamp, hunky photo of hubby, piles of blue and white quilts - dreamy, giddy, feeling loved and content. As my top love language is acts of service it's no wonder I'm feeling content - and grateful.