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etsy window shopping | march edition


It has been quite some time since I visited Etsy and did a bit of window shopping. As I am near-finished decorating our master bedroom I thought it would be a wonderful time exploring the delightful wares the Etsy sellers are offering and sharing what I found.

Heavily considering this vertical hearts watercolor in Indigo blue for our master bedroom. Our bookshelves are now up (Jeff and Jarrod worked on those a couple weekends ago; if you could see my face every time I walk by those shelves up and filled with books - well - it would make you smile, too) and the walls are ready to be finished with decorative art. I have a couple small spaces still needing art and one large space. I'm searching high and low, but, I totally have to love it.


My new shelves could us a little dressing up. Although the books themselves do an awesome job of highlighting a beautiful set of lovingly-handmade shelves, I'd still like to showcase some thoughtful, meaningful touches. I love this Good Morning, Gorgeous sign. It's my husbands morning text or phone call to me and seriously makes me smile.


While this set of I Love You prints is displayed in a nursery these would make a simple set for over our bed. I have been leaning towards a print or painting of clouds but I think the bedroom might need a little rustic simplicity thrown in the mix. I would prefer something like this but it is no longer available. Maybe I could create my own and have it printed Engineer Print - and framed.



We have two bedside tables, bare of linens, these indigo napkins would fit squarely on the rectangular side tables.


Both Jeff and I love Tigers. I have my eye on this print - definitely in a black frame. And, after visiting the CattyShack in Jacksonville that love was definitely renewed and would be a sharp reminder of a most enjoyable excursion.

And then there is pillows...


These chevron blue and white pillows - gorgeous pattern.


I like the white background of this indigo and white global pattern.


Who doesn't love shibori?


And this painting...gorgeous!


I think that's a good start.

I mean - finish. Yes, finish. For Sure.