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It's Friday, with a cup of coffee, because coffee. Delight. Peace. All is well with the world. Coffee. And these links...mostly for me, so I can find that joy again I once found before around the world wide web, but also to share. Sending a smile.

Oh man, this piece from a missionary Jeff and I recently began supporting. Oh man! God is on the move!

Have you begun learning a language yet. Duolingo is the bomb! I'm having a blast. I am a slow, repetitive learner, so I'm doing a ton of reviewing before I'm calling it good and moving on to the next level.

It is Lenten season. 40 Days of Lent. Often a time of fasting and prayer, of giving up and sacrifice. I will be participating in an online gathering in an In-depth Study of the Book of John with His Mercy Is New. But, I'm sure I'll also follow along with She Reads Truth for their study of Isaiah. My intention is not to give up but give in. Decrease. Place myself before the throne of God, before the Word of God, study - listen.

Or, maybe I'll simply make room for Love.

As a scrapbooker I'm all for more, and more ways to document our lives. Katie the Scrapbook Lady has a list of 52 lists of 52 ways to tell stories, list things, document life. I'm taking my time going through these and jotting down ideas to record my own lists, my own stories.

The other day women in America marched on International Women's Day. They marched against. Against those who made them feel less. Marginalized them.  Me, I showed up for work, I showed up for my husband, I showed up for my kids, I showed up for my friend - another woman. I didn't abandon all that God is doing in me to march against all that I am in Christ. This is a great piece about how God really feels about women. Our worth is in Him.