52 Gratitudes 2017 | 11
Project Life 2017 | Week 11

Friday, with a cup of coffee | 23


My goal with this Friday's cup of coffee is to make you think, to take stock of your relationship with Christ, and to maybe adjust your focus from me-driven to others-driven. My year of giving, thus far, has, on a daily basis, changed my world-view dramatically. A myopic world-view is expanding into Biblical proportions; it's reaching, overtaking any world-view left. I'm seeing the world with clearer vision. In part, because of gifted persons who are changing the world. They are doing their small part - one person changed - at a time. I pray, through giving, in a small way I'm doing my part.

Your normal isn't the worlds normal and the greatest deception is that you believe it is.

This is what real inclusion means: We Dine Together

Why the church, or going to church, is important. "My faith won’t survive without the faithful saints singing next to me. It’s true that “you can have all this world, [just] give me Jesus..” as long as when we say “Jesus” we mean his body, too. I can’t live without his people."

Mom's - bring tissues because you're going to shed some tears. This is Love.

If you are a Christian and you're on the fence about going to see the new The Beauty and the Beast then read this article first. "I asked them to watch it with God in mind. I challenged them both to see if they could find any ‘God moments’ in the film..."

Budget cuts could impact programs like Meals on Wheels. As one community has seen, giving has surged since the proposal for cuts was announced. Maybe, other communities with Meals on Wheels programs and other food bank organizations, should step up their generosity and bridge the gap when government-funded programs are reduced. It could be the best solution for the situation. "Whoever gives to the least of these...gives unto Me."

Beautiful piece of words on living the simple life. Her words say a mediocre life but I say - good. I find gratitude and contentment in this kind of life.

Mercy Me - Even If