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Project Life 2017 | Week 12


This is one of my favorite 2-page Project Life spreads of 2017. I kept the process of putting the pages together extremely simple. I used 7 different Ali Edwards Design Story kit journal cards. I journaled on each card either the day's story or just a story that happened that week. When you are documenting each day of the week, each week of the year, if something occurred on a Monday versus a Tuesday, it truly is not something that bothers me. I also added one embellishment to each photo (mostly from the Story kits, as well) and Ali Edwards Design thick days of the week brushes.

Called it really good.

Giving a taste of my two punks in Star Wars 'costumes', outfits; Jarrod is a Sith lord, and John is a Jedi. I say taste because I am definitely going to scrapbook their 'costumes' and Lightsabers as their own story.

It was family pizza and movie night this week. Always good!

Jeff building his deer stand.

Me, doing tons of prep work for pizza, small group dessert, and Elevate volunteer breakfast - and lots of cleaning.

Sometimes our weeks are slam-packed busy, but other weeks are get up, go to work, come home, eat, watch a little television, sleep, repeat. Routine. Routines are worthy of being documented too.