currently | april 2017
#100days | 2/100

#100days | 1/100

There is a #100days project hovering around the blog world, that began by creatives wanting the inspiration and accountability to commit to something creative for 100 days straight.

I'm not 'officially' enrolling, but I am participating in my own #100days project.

I am committing to 100 days of writing something.

Journal, and essay, a story, a lengthy blog post - write something. For 100 days.

Do I expect to write, like, everyday? Ah, no. But, that doesn't mean I'm not going to try.


If I can tell a few stories and make an album doing it. So be it.

The plan: a 6 x 8 stand alone album full of personal, 'me' stories, or simply words I want to share, essays I want to write.

Ali Edwards has a couple of classes I've taken called 31 Things and 31 More Things. Each class has 31 words as jumping off words, starting points, prompts to tell a story. I'm using those words, and using them as inspiration for more words to tell a story.

The above story, 'she says' is one of those prompts from 31 More Things.

And the words...the words are real.