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recipe | hot Italian sliders


Delicious. Easy to prepare.

Did I tell you we love sliders?

We do.

While I love our Whiskey Sliders, an old favorite still at the top of my list of favorite slider flavor combinations, but man, these were so, so good. The highlight:


The roasted red pepper blended in a food processor with garlic cloves and sprinkled with Italian seasoning. That roasted red pepper blend is what sends this slider over the top. So as not to have soggy slider rolls the key is to spoon on the roasted red pepper blend between meats. The other fantastic thing about these Italian sliders is you can added variations of meats and cheeses with multiple opportunities of finding other great flavor combinations.

The delightful recipe follows:


Project Life 2017 | Week 16


Continuing Project Life with Week 16 and a week filled with Easter joys and hard times. It was an eventful, emotional week in many ways. I wanted, no, I needed to keep these pages clean and simple. I used several repetitive ploys in the days of the week photo cards and the photo cards in the middle.


See the good journal card is from the April Monthly kit and appropriate for this weeks - events. I'm reading up a storm, so much so, that this may be a record month of books read. Still loving Salads in a Jar. And, my poor truck. Yet, so thankful we are only sore and stiff. We got in a couple games as a family, too.


Date night - such good food on Friday! We also had a date lunch, so, doubly good. Jeff and I worked together to resolve a discrepancy in our accounting books. Team work found the error!

Good week! Hard work! Seeing the good, even in the difficult.

recipe | french roast beef sliders


We are accumulating quite the collection of slider recipes and what we have tried we haven't found one that we haven't loved. This recipe for a French Dip Roast Beef slider (without the dip because it's mostly poured on top) is pipping hot! The flavor combination - yum!


Visit the delicatessen for some Boars Head roasted beef thinly shaved. While you're there find a Havarti or White cheddar cheese with Horseradish. The deep roasted beef flavors with the horseradish infused cheese melted all over with a crunch of French fried onions and we have added these to our rotation of sliders. And, because preparations for sliders are quick and easy we probably eat sliders at least twice a month.

The yummy recipes follows: