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Project Life 2017 | Week 13


I was making out a to do list yesterday morning at the start of my day, those top tasks I'd like to accomplish for the day, a list of about 10 things. I had about three things on the list that were absolutes, which I completed by the way, but by mid day as I was checking items off and lining through tasks it hit me that another week had gone by and I hadn't even thought about making a weekly Project Life page. 

I'd taken several photos last week, although it was a quiet, typical week, but hadn't even put a plan together as I most often do for how I'll put together a 2-page spread, 12 x 12 using a modified template for maximum photo coverage.

So, I added completing a Project Life spread for Week 13 to the top of my list (of those I had yet to accomplish) and when I got home worked on these two pages.


Because I have a process down it took little time to insert the photos into their slots (I'd already uploaded most of the photos for last week) then I set about finding journaling filler cards for the 3 x 4 slots, plus embellishments...and journaling the little stories.


This week was mostly bits and pieces so that cute little journal card from the Project Life Everyday kit fit beautifully. That led to scouring through the remaining kit and inserting only cards from the same kit and making it easy on myself. I did, however, do some recoloring for a more uniform, cohesive page. I'm pretty pleased with the results.