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Recipe | Pizza in a Cast Iron Skillet


This. Pizza. Divine.

It wasn't as if we didn't already have a truly decadent pizza recipe that we devour once a month while watching a movie. I had to go and find a deep dish recipe, one that is much easier to assemble I might add, that is out-of-this-world yummy!

We have one size of cast iron skillet.


It is a honkin' 14-inch skillet that weighs a ton without a steaming deep dish spicy cheesy pizza inside.

Add the pizza and it weighs a mint.


We dished up this deep dish, stuffed mozzarella pizza in 1/8 slices and by the time I ate the last bite I possibly could I was sneezing (I have gustatory rhinitus or snatiation disease). Look at those layers meats and cheese - yum.


A couple notes: I brushed the edges with the melted butter and garlic powder and sprinkled on a smidgen more Italian seasoning. I generally like my cheese slightly broiled on top, but when I tried to broil the cheese the edges of the crust were beginning to brown to dark so I let it stand as is.

And, it was delightful, of course.

I would be careful adding any ingredients that have a tendency to increase moisture as the crust or insides may become soggy.