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stories 2017 | salads in a jar


I have begun eating Salads in a Jar for lunch each work day. There is a bit of preparation that goes into putting the jars together but if I have my act together, and I have, thankfully, then Sunday afternoon I spend about 45 minutes making the final preparations and filling the quart-sized mason jars.


This is a big salad! The bulk of the ingredients is definitely the greens. I use a mix of arugula, spinach, and baby mixed greens. I do include proteins as well. So far I've added a hard boiled egg, bacon, and crumbled Bleu cheese. The other vegetables are cherry tomatoes, sweet baby red peppers, radishes, red onions, and hot house cucumbers. The flavor combinations have been delightful.


I am planning on grilled chicken, maybe some ham, or smoked tuna. If I go the tuna route I'll just grab a pack of tuna off the shelf and add it on top rather than add to the jar. I think some type of nut, like sunflower corns, or candied pecans, or roasted almonds would provide a nice crunch.