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stories 2017 | we eat tacos


As the story goes, or as I remember it told, it began in the 60's when my mom received a recipe from a Latino wife who was married to a GI who lived in the same trailer park as my mom and dad. The recipe is deep fried tacos and it is how we've been making tacos all my life. 

It is a corn tortilla with a thin meat patty on half of the tortilla then dunked in hot oil and folded in half as the tortilla softens. As soon as they come out of the oil and moved to a plate to drain, 4-cheese Mexican is added to the taco so it melts into the meat and shell. So delicious!


We cook about 30 tacos (we love leftovers) at a time. They are served on a large platter at the table with all the fixings: homemade taco sauce (that we call parent sauce - still), shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, sour cream, some crazy people add ketchup, even.

Our favorite taco meals also included a side of jalapeno poppers! But, that's another story.


The homemade taco sauce, like I said, we call it 'Parent Sauce' because, when our twins were young, probably younger than age six, they didn't like too-hot-spicy stuff and our taco sauce is pretty spicy, with jalapenos, cayenne, and splashes of Louisiana Hot Sauce. They said they didn't want their parent's sauce and continued to dub it 'parent sauce through the years. Even though they are older and devour all things spicy hot, we still call it parent sauce.