Project Life 2017 | Week 19
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Friday, with a cup of coffee | 24


Around the web, Friday, with a cup of coffee...

We mothers need to hear this one loud and clear.

A wonderful essay on a simple reminder...a small step.

Go ahead and cry. I did. Poured buckets of tears. Jarrod was standing behind me bawling, too.

Because this bohemian kitchen is dreamy and beautiful and I never get tired of perusing it. While the tile appears a deep teal it is actually green. I would love a turquoise backsplash in my kitchen. A girl can dream.

As my grandchildren living close draws closer I envision times of spiritual teachings being passed from grammy to grandsons regularly and maybe putting some of these ideas into practice under spiritual training.

What would happen if your kids went without computers, or television, or phones, without technology - for awhile? I wonder if you'd try it, and see.

When words hurt and how to respond.

Mom's please watch this.

Just don’t say you’re a follower of Christ if you’re actually just following your own heart