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stories 2017 | how we do may


Today I am sharing a super easy digital 6 x 8 page titled, 'how we do may'. I grabbed a photo of Jeff and I, added white digital cardstock, used Traveling Typewriter font, and told our May stories. Now granted, May is not over yet but I included those things that I knew were absolutely happening.

I love the 6 x 8 size. I have been drawn to it more and more. It means less embellishments which stresses me out anyways. Because I stick at placing embellishments (although, I have figured out some essential design skills such as placing embellishments together in an uneven number, or using a visual triangle for placement. Also, if I have less photos, that is a plus with the 6 x 8 size, too. This, however, does not mean that I will be 'scrapping' (pun intended) the 12 x 12 size for the 6 x 8, but it does afford me greater options.

Digital supplies: white digital cardstock, One Little Bird Designs; stamp, Ali Edwards Design